Miss Exeter Candidate Essay: Taylor Hornburg

Taylor Hornburg
Sponsored by Exeter Lions Club

My name is Taylor Hornburg, and this year I will be a Senior year at Exeter Union High School. Over my past three years attending Exeter Union High School, I have become very involved within the school and the community through many events and activities. I have also immersed myself into what the school has to offer academically, athletically, and extracurricularly.

I have always strived to challenge myself in the classroom setting, whether it was getting a better grade on my next essay, or taking AP (advanced placement) classes. While AP classes are not offered to freshmen and sophomores, I still took advanced classes to push myself. As a freshman I took advanced English, as a sophomore, I took advanced English and World History. When I finally could take a variety of AP classes as a junior and now as a senior I have taken several. Junior year I took AP English lit/ comp, AP U.S. History, and AP Chemistry. Now going into my senior year I am signed up to take AP Government, and AP Physics along with the Dual Enrolment English 1 and 2 through COS (College of the Sequoias). While I may not be the top student in these challenging classes I continue to take them for the challenge.

Since my first day of high school I have been a part of the athletic program. As a freshman I was on the JV tennis team and made both the varsity soccer and softball teams. During my junior year, I was only able to play varsity soccer. In the future I hope to play soccer at a competitive college level.

One of the Extra Curricular activities I have been highly involved in is FFA (Future Farmers of America). Within FFA I have been on the Opening and Closing speaking team for the past three years. Starting as a freshman in the program I earned my greenhand degree and participated in many FFA activities. When I was a sophomore, I participated in impromptu speaking competitions and earned my chapter degree. As a junior, I became immersed in the horticulture program under Mrs. Lyons, where I was deemed the head student manager for the horticulture program and also the Spring and Fall plant sales each year, which embodies my SAE (supervised agriculture experience) project. Through my SAE project I have also created a business selling succulent arrangements at each plant sale. I have found my passion in the horticulture program and want to study Botany/plant biology when I go to college. In the past three years FFA has become a major part of my life.

The second extracurricular I am apart of is FCA ( Fellowship Of Christian Athletes). Coming in to Exeter Union High School as a Freshman I joined FCA. Then Sophomore year I became the activities coordinator and as a Junior I was co-president. Through FCA I have served at several community events, such as the coronation for Miss. Exeter last year and recently for the mural fundraiser downtown. FCA is a great program that has allowed me to give back to the people of my community. I hope to continue my role as co-president of the club so that I can continue to make a positive impact.

As I mentioned for my senior year, I have set many small and large goals for my future to exceed what I have accomplished in my past school academics, athletics and extracurriculars and look forward to accomplishing them.


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