Downed phone lines cut Exeter businesses off

By Reggie Ellis

The afternoon of Tuesday, Dec. 2 seemed more like the beginning of a science fiction film than the middle of another day at the office.

It was rumored that a freak accident on Anderson Road had somehow cut Exeter off from the outside world - at least telephonically. Residents and businesses could call within the city but could not communicate through the landlines with anyone outside city limits. Many lost Internet access but did have the use of their cell phones.

The eeriest part was that the phone company, Verizon, could not be reached! Only a recording saying that a fiber optic line had been cut and 12,000 customers in Exeter, Lindsay and Corcoran had been affected. The phones went down between Noon and 12:30 p.m. and service did not return until after 5 p.m. As of press time, Verizon had still not returned phone calls asking for a more specific explanation of what had happened.

Banks and restaurants were the most affected businesses of the phone outage.

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