Hospital Guild Breakfast Comes Back Strong

By Carolyn Barbre

The Lindsay Hospital closed in November 2000, unexpectedly as far as the hospital guild was concerned, but plans for their annual December Breakfast and Bazaar/Country Store were well underway. That year the 41st annual breakfast went off with all its accustomed style and panache.

Then in 2001 there was a major slump. Guild members wavered as to whether their fund-raising for medical scholarships should continue - the purpose of the breakfast. It was also barely three months after the first major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, the soul shattering collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers, plus the attack on the Pentagon, and the other events of 9/11.

Fewer guild members participated in the breakfast that year. The country store/bazaar all but disappeared. There was a silent auction that did well. And there were a significant number of patriotic motifs, stars and stripes plates and napkins, plus flag centerpieces. What would normally be incongruous with Christmas, obviously a religious rather than patriotic holiday, could not be quelled. The message a number of women felt compelled to illustrate was, we are Christians but we are American Christians, and finally, attempts to shatter our spirits just makes us stronger.

The Gazette did not attend the 43rd Guild Breakfast in 2002, but we did preview it, and we did run information about guild scholarships being available for many weeks in the calendar section which was appearing regularly at that time. Unable to turn anyone away, the Guild ended up giving out a dozen scholarships in the amount of $500 each. Their purpose had reasserted itself, and come back strong.

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