Cultural Arts Council kicks off cattle drive

By Carolyn Barbre

It was worth the trip to see District 1 Supervisor Bill Sanders lugging a full-size dairy cow into the Lindsay City Council meeting on Thursday, Jan. 13. He did have a little help, and the Jersey cow was a lightweight in that she was hollow - made of fiberglass.

The president of the Lindsay Cultural Arts Council, Peggy Sanders, wanted the city to get the full visual effect of what they have been up to and will be pursuing. The LCAC is having a Lindsay Cultural Cattle Drive to raise money for the Lindsay Museum/Cultural Arts Center which is to be a part of a complex on the southwest corner of Samoa Street and Mirage Avenue where the city plans to build the new Lindsay Library. In fact the LCAC asked the city to sponsor the first cow as a way of endorsing the Cattle Drive.

Sponsorship is a tax deductible $1,500. Cows will be painted in artistic motifs and displayed around the city through the summer, after which they will be auctioned off to further support the museum/cultural arts center. Sponsor's, artist's and cow names will be displayed on a plaque attached to the base of the animal. Similar projects have been exceedingly successful fund-raisers in cities around the country.

City Manager Scot Townsend said that with the current budget crisis, the city could not take such action at this time. But he had an even better idea. He said they would be able to raise the money through "Friends of the City of Lindsay," and said they had already collected $500, having been advised in advance of what the arts council was seeking. Townsend said they would have the rest of the funds by the end of the week, to a brief round of applause from the LCAC members present.

As a tribute to the arts and education, the cow will be painted by some very talented Lindsay High School students headed by Heather Hurtado who submitted the selected design. Paint is being donated by the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce. If all goes well, "Handcow" as the critter has been named, will then be displayed on a traveling conveyance at the 2004 World Ag Expo while LCAC members solicit more sponsors. Anyone wishing to sponsor a cow can contact Peggy Sanders at 562-4304.

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