City receives $100,000 for jogging/walking track

By Carolyn Barbre

Lindsay is the city that never sleeps, at least not when it comes to getting grant funds.

Community Development Department Manager Diane Bucaroff, who spent 14 years with the Public Works Department before being appointed to this position by incoming City Manager Scot Townsend last year, has been tutored by the master grant-getter and is getting results.

"Scot asked me if I would help out with that position, if I would try something different and I did," Bucaroff said. She said she also attended a grant workshop in the L.A. area.

On May 12, a $100,000 tire and other recreational surfacing grant that Bucaroff applied for was awarded to the city. The money will be used for a jogging/walking track around City Park and the Wellness Center.

Bucaroff said all the grants are important and appreciated, even the ones in lesser amounts such as the USDA Rural Business Enterprise grant for $44,200 the city was awarded upon her grant application. It will be used for off-site improvements at 104 Apia St. including curbs, gutters, sidewalks and the alleyway.

"When that's done, the person wanting to improve the site doesn't have to worry," she said. Business owners are responsible for these types of improvements if they haven't been included in other street upgrades. Bucaroff was somewhat surprised that Lindsay was the only city in Tulare County to get the USDA grant.

Also work has started on Lewis Street between Elmwood and Mirage avenues, and on Elmwood Avenue between Lewis and Apia streets. Townsend said the additional USDA RBE grant will help the area change rapidly. The street surfaces are some of the worst in town. "It's a great place to start," he said.

In other council business

  • Resolution 04-29 passed, approving an agreement with the Plainview Mutual Water Company for the provision of billing and collection services, and authorizing the mayor to execute the agreement on behalf of the City of Lindsay.

    Plainview residents have a flat water rate. "We're just involved in sending out the billing and collecting fees. There are no meters to be read," Townsend explained. PMWC will pay the city $278 per month for these services.

  • Public Works

    On April 30 bids were submitted to the City of Lindsay for the Tulare Road Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement Project. The project was awarded to Mauldin-Dorfmeie Construction at $619,052 as a base rate and $98,016 alternate. Three bidders will be retained until the execution of the contract documents.

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