'Nobody said it would be easy'

By Tom Price Jr.

The theme of a graduation may have never been so appropriate. Lindsay High School's graduating class of 2004 was recognized on June 11, for completing one of the most stringent curriculums in the area.

LHS seniors endured exit exams, community service hours and senior projects to earn the right to stand before their friends and family at the crowded amphitheater.

"At other schools it's easy to go unnoticed, but not at Lindsay," class valedictorian Steven Ingoldsby said. "Nobody said it would be easy but looking back on it I would have not wanted it any other way."

Ingoldsby described the class of 2004 as one that entered high school with hopes and dreams but more so the desire to succeed. Other speakers followed that line with expressions of hope and ambition beyond the boundaries of the high school.

"At this point high school has been the most important thing in our lives, but it is only a short episode of a life's story to be told," Daniela Rangel said. "At this point we must branch out and explore the world around us."

Two students actually came to Lindsay on an exploration of their own, Fumie Yuri a foreign exchange student from Japan and Kathrin Kuehn from Germany addressed the crowd with heartfelt thanks to a community who welcomed them.

"On just a small point on the map I was able to find people who care about me here in Lindsay," Kuehn said. "Thank you for an unforgettable year I am blessed to have met every one of you."

In between speeches members of the senior class performed for the last time as members of the choir, band and guitar classes. And just before the presentation of diploma, the song "Nobody Said it Was Easy" by the band Cold Play echoed off the walls of the surrounding school.

"Nobody said it would be so difficult or ever said it was easy," Marcela Estrada said. "It's the end of one journey and the beginning of another … the rest of our lives."

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