By C.J. Barbre

The Lindsay native and lifelong resident Pam Kimball was appointed to Lindsay City Council in 2001, to fill a seat vacated by a member who moved out of the city limits.

She was soon voted by other council members to be vice mayor.

"If I was re-elected I would obviously continue on the same course that I've been going on which I think is a progressive path. Good things are happening. We're rebuilding our community in positive ways. We haven't finished yet. A lot of plans are in the works. I'm very supportive and would like to see them carried through."

Some of the plans to which Kimball refers are the Wellness Center which is scheduled to break ground early next year at the site of the former Lindsay Hospital, and the new Lindsay Library to be constructed at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Samoa Street, diagonally from the future Lindsay Museum and Cultural Arts Center to be built on the same parcel.

The Kimball family history in Lindsay dates back to 1914, credited to, "Just that westward movement, seeking their fortunes." Previous generations haled from the Dakotas and East Texas. They started out as wheat farmers in Tulare. Her grandmother graduated from Lindsay High School class of 1918.

"I have been very interested in and supportive of the Cultural Arts Council, the Library, things like that. I'm interested in promoting the arts and culture and helping to preserve our history here in Lindsay." Obviously the two are very much intertwined, Lindsay history and Kimball family history.

Kimball received her bachelor of arts in humanities from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Her husband of 30 years, Dan, is a new chemistry professor at Bakersfield College this year. The couple has five children, ages 14-29, and as of last February, when she was interviewed for receiving the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year Award for 2003, she had six grandchildren.

The award was based on her independent decisions as a member of the city council, ". . . by her unwavering desire to do what is right, not worry about who is right. She seeks not to offend nor instantly compromise, but rather she seeks to serve honorably and with true purpose."

Kimball represents the city on the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) board, the Lindsay Health Care Committee, and the Healthy Kids, Healthy Lindsay committee. The appointee said, "I really didn't know what local government did. It has been more than I thought, more involved than I anticipated. There is more to do and think about than I realized. I think I've made a real effort to become knowledgeable and involved in many things going on in the community such as the Chamber of Commerce. I try to be supportive of the Lindsay School District, to be present for ground breakings and such."

In the interview back in February she also mentioned that she was involved with the Lindsay-Strathmore Coordinating Council, the Lindsay Community Theater and the Sister City Program. A homemaker who helps out in the family business, Ingoldsby Nursery and Floral on Hermosa Street, Kimball also teaches a high school-age seminary class from 6:30-7:30 a.m. every school day.

As a member of the council she has participated in regional and state events. "I traveled with Congressman Nunes on his ag tour this last spring which was very insightful." Kimball attended the League of California Cities Conference. "I've made an effort to become knowledgeable in the wider issues of air, water, transportation, things that are facing all of California.

About the future, Kimball said, "I have an optimism for the town. I think we can make changes and progress for the better. I think we can become a first rate community if we continue to have high standards - family friendly and welcoming like we always have been - and continue to work on projects that genuinely benefit all Lindsay residents."

Editor's note: Three Lindsay City Council seats are open to challenge. Ed Murray, Pamela Kimball and Esteban (Steve) Velasquez are up for re-election. There is one challenger, Robert Segeda. This week the Gazette is running profiles on the mayor and vice mayor. Next week we will cover the other incumbent and the challenger.

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