City of Exeter gets $60,000 for bike lanes

The Exeter City Council approved funding to create bike lanes throughout the city at its Nov. 26 meeting.

The decision came after the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) informed the city it would be receiving $60,000 from the state Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA), following successful application process for the competitive grant.

TCAG, which is responsible for managing and overseeing transportation projects in Tulare County, assisted the City of Exeter, and specifically Councilmember Joe Bomgardner, with the proposal to the state. Dennis Mills, transportation engineer with TCAG, said the bike lanes are designed to pass near city parks, major employers and all of the schools. The lanes will run:

  • on Belmont Avenue between the northern city limits and Glaze Avenue

  • on Visalia Road between the western city limits to the turn at Palm Street and then to Highway 65

  • on Chestnut Street between Belmont and Highway 65

  • on Buena Vista between Highway 65 and Dobson Field

  • on F Street from Palm to the turn at Filbert Road

  • on Sequoia Drive from Filbert to Highway 65

    There are three types of "bikeways" according to Caltrans Highway Design Manual:

  • Class I Bikeway (Bike Path). Provides a completely separated right of way for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians with crossflow minimized.

  • Class II Bikeway (Bike Lane). Provides a striped lane for one-way bike travel on a street or highway.

  • Class III Bikeway (Bike Route). Provides for shared use with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic.

    Exeter's lane are Class II. On streets with parking stalls, the bike lane will be striped inside the parking area toward the middle of the street. The lanes will be a minimum of 5 feet wide.

    Mills said the purpose of the bike lanes are to promote motorless travel within the city limits. He said the state funds are available to encourage parents and their children to ride bikes to work, school, for recreation and for exercise. The idea is if more people are traveling on bicycles for short trips then less vehicles on the road will reduce congestion and improve air quality.

    City Administrator John Kunkel said the $7,000 in matching funds would come out of the city's Gas Tax account and Transportation Fund account.

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