Lindsay's 3-year street repair plan studied

By C.J. Barbre

In last week's Gazette we ran a story on page 1 that said, among other things, that downtown streets would not be repaired before July 2007 unless the grant allocation process changed wherein the city would have to wait that long to get $2.8 million it had been already granted in CMAQ and TEA funds.

By downtown, City Manager Scot Townsend said that meant the business district, not other areas around town. Those are still on track according to a "Street Projects Critical Path Chart" put together by the Department of Public Works and presented to the Lindsay City Council last fall. The chart covered the three-year plan beginning in October 2004 and continuing through April 2006.

At the city council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8, Townsend scheduled a study session on street repairs to further clarify progress. He explained that some of this work was being paid for with CMAQ 2 money that was awarded a couple of years ago.

Public Works Director Tom McCurdy said the CMAQ 2 work was out to bid including curb, gutter and sidewalks throughout town, as well as the Mirage Avenue and Lindmore Street tree projects.

The Santa Fe Water Line Project contract was accepted on schedule. The construction period is scheduled to be from mid February through March.

There is survey work being done on the Honolulu Street Project from Harvard Avenue to the ATSF railroad tracks. Honolulu had a sewer line project which has been combined with street work. McCurdy said it should be ready to go to bid around March 18.

The design for the Pleasant/Foster Street & Alley Project is being completed and should go to bid in two more weeks. He said Pleasant, Santa Fe and Honolulu will "kind of tag team each other."

The Hermosa Street Project from Harvard to Cambridge avenues is also being surveyed. McCurdy said it is in the design stage. It is the area at Steve Jr. High. The city has scheduled construction to be done over the summer, from mid June through August.

The Gale Hill/Mirage Avenue Street Project from Tulare Road to Hermosa Street will be ready for construction in the later part of September or first part of October.

That's about it for calendar year, which is really pretty impressive.

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