Lindsay seeks manager for Municipal Golf Course

By C.J. Barbre

Regular players at the Lindsay Municipal Golf Course found conditions on the course unacceptable to the point that they attended a city council meeting in force last year to complain.

Their voices were heeded. In April 2005, the city terminated its contract with then course manager Eric Jones &#8220due to the deteriorating condition of the golf course and Mr. Jones failure to provide required insurance or maintain the equipment needed for maintenance of the course.”

The city then proceeded to get the course back into decent condition. This included installation of a new sprinkler system; purchase of necessary grounds keeping equipment; implementation of weed control measures; implementation of fertilizing measures; refurbishment of the sand traps; and installation of new fencing. And, by the way, the course looks great.

Now, however, the city needs a private party to take over management of the course, including food service and the selling of soft drinks and beer for the refreshment of the public and to generate enough revenue to properly maintain the course.

&#8220Right now City Services is staffing the place, but they are out maintaining the course, so there is nobody in the clubhouse to meet golfers,” Recreation Director Brad Albert told the Lindsay City Council at its Feb. 14 meeting.

Mayor Ed Murray asked if a new manager would be responsible for maintaining the course.

&#8220Right,” Albert responded. &#8220We have purchased some really nice green mowers.”

&#8220It would definitely be a part of the negotiation with the city manager,” Public Safety Director Bert Garzelli said. &#8220It will be a much tighter contract than in the past.”

Also, it has long been the practice of the city not to operate businesses which compete with local business owners and not to engage in the selling of alcoholic beverages.

The council voted to have the city issue a request for proposals to manage the Lindsay Municipal Golf Course and for the city manager to negotiate the details of the contract.

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