Yokohl Ranch plan launches website

A website has been launched to provide information on the development of a proposed master plan community in the foothills east of Exeter.

The site, www.YokohlRanch.com, is an informational website on The Yokohl Ranch Plan, a community proposed on 36,000 acres of ranchlands in Yokohl Valley. The website was designed by The Yokohl Ranch Company LLC to share details and factual information about the comprehensive land use planning process now underway and to collect input from the public.

&#8220This website is just another tool to help people get the facts, understand the components of a true comprehensive community plan, and familiarize themselves with the regulatory and public review process for The Yokohl Ranch Plan,” said Bill Ostrem, president of The Yokohl Ranch Company and member of the board of directors for the J.G. Boswell Company, owners of the ranchlands.

&#8220A planning framework has been established by the County for this property, and this website will be updated as new planning milestones are met so that people can remain informed and involved.”

The Yokohl Ranch General Plan Amendment Initiation was unanimously approved by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors on Feb. 7. The decision allows the company to proceed with its formal application for a General Plan Amendment and other levels of approval.

&#8220Over the past two years, my team and I have been conducting a wide range of studies to understand the different constraints and opportunities associated with various Yokohl Ranch land use scenarios,” said Ostrem.

The company has conducted meetings with numerous community, civic, business, and locally appointed and elected leaders; conducted focus groups; and hired a team of planners, biologists, scientists, engineers, designers and other consultants to assist with preliminary assessments. The combination of these actions has led to the formation of four major land use planning concepts that form the foundation of The Yokohl Ranch Plan.”

According to Ostrem, these four Guiding Land Use Principles, also known as The Four P's of The Yokohl Ranch Plan, include the following: Preserve the shared Boswell family and Tulare County legacies of cattle ranching and farming; Perpetuate the charming and inviting character of neighboring historical cities and communities; Protect such precious natural resources as water supply and open space, and Pay its own way, and more by helping to provide a high quality of life for its residents as well as residents of surrounding communities and cities.

&#8220These four planning concepts will guide the ultimate plan for Yokohl Ranch - and are noted in detail in the website,” said Ostrem. &#8220In fact, the website contains images, illustrations, and information that reinforce these Guiding Principles and provide visitors with great detail as well as different opportunities to ask questions and stay informed throughout the process.”

Yokohl Ranch has not yet released any information on the price of homes or the number of homes that it plans to build. It is also uncertain how the development will affect traffic and schools in surrounding communities.

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