By Reggie Ellis

Dark times had fallen on the Lindsay-Strathmore Memorial District. Money was hard to come by, tax revenues were low and rent barely covered utilities and operating costs.

But things have gotten brighter at the Memorial Building thanks to a large private donation.

Don Bessey, treasurer of the Lindsay Cultural Arts Council, said the LCAC received a $19,183.16 donation almost a year ago from a longtime Lindsay resident who asked to remain anonymous. Bessey said the LCAC used $17,000 to place five tower lights in the Lindsay Memorial Building's parking lot and used the remainder of the money for the LCAC gallery.

&#8220They had asked the money be used for the memorial building because the parking lot was dangerous without light at night,” Bessey said.

Gary Morris, superintendent for the memorial district, said most of the events - such as weddings, reunions, quinceneras and fund-raisers - at the Memorial Building are held on Saturday nights. He said the existing bulb lights had been installed in the parking lot in the 1960s.

&#8220The memorial district board is very appreciative of this donations and all the donations it receives,” Morris said. &#8220We don't have the funds to upgrade building to where it should be. We need donations like this to keep things going.”

Built in 1948 and 1958 respectively, the Lindsay and Strathmore memorial buildings have fallen into disrepair because district tax revenues are split between the two. Morris said the district doesn't bring in enough money to do general maintenance on one building, let alone two community centers. Other items needed at the Lindsay Memorial Building are a new ceiling, new drapes, new floor coverings, repaving of the parking lot and an irrigation system for landscaping.

&#8220It's a great story about how a member of the community can make a difference with one donation,” said City Manager Scot Townsend, who was encouraged it was a longtime Lindsay resident.

&#8220I think stories like this let the community know that anyone can start something instead of waiting until the city or some other organization can come along to help.”

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