Lindsay's locals uncomfortable with new library design

By Katey Garrett

Although construction is underway for Lindsay's new library, some locals are struggling with the floor plan. Originally, the building was designed to be shared with the Cultural Arts Center, but as plans evolved and expenses grew, the Cultural Arts Center had to withdraw from their involvement, leaving the city with room for change.

As many of Lindsay's community members look forward to having a new library, several of them are concerned that the space is not economical and contradicts the Mediterranean and Spanish style of Sweet Brier, as it has been designed with a more modern style.

The library will have high ceilings, which is a concern for some community members, as they foresee problems with cooling and heating the building.

It was requested that the library have a meeting room, story pit and history room but the wishes were not granted by the city. In addition to the concern of the large curved walls taking up too much space, some people are unsatisfied with the library's employee office, which is much too far away from the circulation of the building. With only one employee working at a time, it has been suggested that work in the office will not be completed unless the office is near the front desk, where the librarians can remain available to readers.

For each question asked by a community member, Lindsay's City Planner, Scot Townsend has an answer.

&#8220We've discussed this issue for over two years, had meetings with the city council and community members and we have put a lot of thought and effort into this project.”

Although the building will be circular in shape and will look different than the Mediterranean style of Sweet Brier, Townsend said that the library has been designed to draw attention to not only the structure, but the courtyard as well. The large windows will face retail stores such as a child's toy store, a bookstore and a coffee shop.

Although there will not be a story pit in the library, due to construction concerns, such as making the pit handicap accessible which would take up more space, Townsend said that a children's reading area that can double as a meeting area has been included in the plans. &#8220The library does not stay open very late,” said Townsend. &#8220The community members in need of a meeting area are more than welcome to access the library after hours.”

Townsend said that the reason the office is not as close to the front desk as some desire it to be, it is in an accessible place for books that are delivered by the county. &#8220The people who deliver the books won't have to make noise and walk through the library. Now, they can go to a side door and the office is right there.”

&#8220Designing a community building requires a give and take approach,” said Townsend. &#8220The library is going to be a beautiful asset to our community.”

Although mixed feelings about the library exist, community members look forward to having more space for books and a new, cozy place for reading that includes a beautiful courtyard.

For more information, contact the Lindsay Library at 562-3021 or the City Hall at 562-7103.

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