Exeter co. makes Ag Expo's Top 10 new products list

These Top Ten agriculture innovations will be showcased in the 2007 New Product Center, presented by World Ag Expo (WAE) together with Topcon Positioning Systems.

The New Product Center is located along the south corner of Median Street and East Greenbelt on the World Ag Expo show grounds.

One of the top 10 new products at this WAE is the PRO-Bench 1 by Espinola Enter-prises of Exeter.

The PRO-Bench 1 relates to the welding and fabrication requirements used by the repair and manufacturing facilities, as well as farm and industrial industries.

Moreover, it simplifies the manner in which the tool benches are used. It's design facilitates a compact package with maximum benefits. The PRO-Bench 1 is as unique as the person who uses it.

It has a compact design with a maximum work area; it can be customized for your business needs; it's completely mobile with minimal set up time; versatile for multiple tasks; and its easy to operate and saves time. Espinola Enterprises' booth is located at Pavilion A- 1304.

Other Top 10 products include at the World Ag Expo:

n Dust Control Unit (DCU)

By: Diamond E Mfg.

Exhibit: Pavilion C- 3030

DCU attaches to any tillage equipment or tractor or pickup truck and reduces the airborne PM10/dust 75% as it is generated by the movement of the equipment. No additives, no chemicals, just water. Neither soil nor equipment is damp when in use.generated by the movement of the equipment by an average of 75 percent. The DCU accomplishes this task by producing a micro-mist that combines with the dust and/or cools the particles to help them from becoming airborne. There are no additives, no chemicals- just water. Neither soil nor equipment is damp when in use.

GK Machine

TH1 High Clearance Tractor

Exhibit Space: O Street- O45, O47

The TH1 is an over-the-row high clearance tractor with hydraulic width adjustability. The tractor allows for variable row spacing and is mounted on a solid undercarriage which floats across the ground on 12-inch-wide rubber tracks. This machine offers incredibly low ground compaction, low center of gravity, narrow row profile width and a high row and ground clearance. With these credentials, this machine makes the perfect machine for a variety of crops and industries including: vineyards, cane berries, Christmas trees, nursery, beets, vegetable seed, etc. The tractor is capable of handling a multitude of unlimited implements and attachments including air blast and pressurized drop boom sprayers, hedgers, pre-pruners, fail and rotary mowers, in-row cultivators, conical trimmers, diggers, separators, harvesters, etc. This machine has been completely designed and fabricated at the GK Machine facilities and is their newest creation.


Portable Wash Pad Self-Contained Waste Water Recycling System

Exhibit Space: Pavilion C- 3100, 3101

The Water Maze Portable Wash Pad Self-Contained Waste Water Recycling System has a compact foot print of 9′ x 14′, load capacity of 12,500 lbs., and a T-Design collection system. You can move this wash pad from farm shop to packing shops, contain waste water and then recycle. The Wash Pad is a rugged all-steel wash pad with overspray containment and sloped catch basins- ideal for creating a totally self-contained and compact, wash-water recycling system with the addition of the Water Maze EC1-200S.

Oasis Manufacturing

XD3000 Compressor

Exhibit Space: Pavilion C- 3929

This next generation of Oasis Compressors can do what no other DC compressors are capable of. They can run a 1/2-inch impact wrench without a tank, be mounted out of the way under your vehicle, and because they incorporate the latest technology in oil control, they now feature a much longer 50-hour maintenance interval, and a sight glass to make checking the oil level easier.


Optibrand’s Secure Calf Grower Solution

Exhibit Space: Pavilion C- 3920

Optibrand’s complete solution for dairy beef and heifer growers couples biometric identification with GPS information in an easy-to-use system for Secure Source Verification

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