Woodlake needs new wastewater treatment plant

By Mo Moore

Like a leaky faucet that won't quit, the city of Woodlake was reminded at their March 12 meeting of the wastewater issues that need their attention.

Terry Schroepfer, an engineer for Quad Knopf Inc. reported back to the council concerning the conditions of the city's wastewater treatment plant. The last time Quad Knopf spoke to the council was January 2004.

&#8220We've made a lot of progress, but we need to address the issues and make room for future growth,” said Schroepfer.

Quad Knopf has prepared a master plan and now it will be up to the city to move toward to construct a master facility. The Regional Water Quality Control Board wants the city to make progress and soon. They are requesting a new plant be built by Oct. 1, 2009.

&#8220Realistically that's gonna happen,” said City Administrator Bill Lewis. &#8220The council is committed to see this project through.”

Lewis estimates that it will take at least three years to design and construct a new facility. The city already will use the current property and is now looking for a design for the wastewater plant. But Lewis explained that as long as the Regional Water Quality Control Board sees progress, the deadline is semi-flexible.

The current site is under a &#8220cease and desist” order due to a significant algae problem during the summer months from the Regional Water Quality Board. And though a treatment plant is in sight, the issue according to Lewis, will not find itself on council's agenda again for some time.

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