School districts seek out trustees

Three local school districts are looking for four trustees.

Lindsay Unified School District and Sequoia Union School District are seeking a single trustee to fill a vacancy on its board while Exeter Union High School District is seeking two trustees for its board. The seats are vacant because there were either not enough candidates to fill all the seats on the board or there were no candidates which filed in a trustee area for the Nov. 6 General Election. All of the seats must be filled in open session of the respective school board meeting prior to the election.

Sequoia Union only had two candidates file for three open seats. The single-school elementary district does at-large elections so candidates are not elected by trustee areas dividing up the district. The district is seeking applications for one board member vacancy for a four-year term ending on Dec. 2, 2016. Anyone at least 18 years old, is a U.S. citizen and who lives within the district can apply. Interested qualified residents can file applications to Sequoia Union School District, 23958 Avenue 324, Lemon Cove, CA 93244.

Lindsay and Exeter elected candidates using the at-large method up until last year when their respective boards voted to switch to the by-trustee area election method. Lindsay Unified School District has a vacancy for its Trustee Area 5 seat on the board.

Robert Hurtado, who was appointed to the board prior to it switch to trustee area, was the incumbent for Area 5 even though he did not live within the district. The change forced Hurtado to run for election in Area 3, where incumbent Mercedes Herrera did not seek re-election. The only LUSD Board seat on the ballot is Area 4, where incumbent Frank Moreno will be challenged by educator Perla Soria.

Because no one filed candidacy papers for Area 5 the board must appoint someone to fill seat prior to the Nov. 6 election. The person appointed to Area 5 will serve a two-year term through Dec. 5, 2014. The seat is only a two-year term in order to stagger elections after switching to the trustee area elections, otherwise all of the candidates would be up for election in the same year. After 2014, the seat would return to a four-year term. Interested qualified residents can file applications to Lindsay Unified School District, 371 E. Hermosa St., Lindsay, CA 93247.

While Lindsay’s situation might be mildly confusing, Exeter’s elementary school board election is very confusing at best. Exeter Union School District has two vacancies on its board in Trustee Areas 2 and 3. But even if you are appointed to the board, you might not sit on the board. Also on this year’s ballot is Measure G, the proposed unification of the Exeter Union (Elementary) and Exeter Union High School Districts.

If unification passes, a new 7-member unified board would be elected and the five-member elementary and high school board elections would be nullified. The races for the seven seats on the unified board have been set for the November ballot. Interested qualified residents can file applications to Exeter Union School District, 134 S. E St., Exeter, CA 93221.

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