Oasis Security Systems has moved from its previous location at 236 E. Pine St. to their new location at 411 E. Pine Suite C. Oasis Security Systems will still provide great customer service and a great system with which you and your family will feel safe.

Scott Jones, owner of Oasis Security Systems, has been in the business of protecting families for more than 20 years. As a former police officer, Jones has a better understanding and the motives of a would-be criminals and knows what type of system would help give you you and your family the safety they need. Jones stands behind his product to help keep his family protected as he has installed the same system that he provides.

In addition to the obvious benefits of a security system, one many don’t think of is its effect on your homeowners’ insurance. Most insurance companies offer lower rates on homes with security systems.

Jones said another way to help protect your family is to get involved in a neighborhood watch program. Another great tip is keep an eye out for any unusual cars on your street. Something to also be mindful of is the door to door salesman. You may think they are trying to sale you a product but in reality that sales person could be seeing what you have inside your home.

When it comes time to look for a security system look no further than Oasis Security Systems. At Oasis, they will be with you 24 hours a day seven days a week. One of Oasis’ policies is they will not give you a quote over the phone. A technician will come out to your residence or place of business and will personally inspect your place and will help you decided what is the best fit for your location.

Prices begin at $300 but vary depending on the size and the amount of security you need. With a monthly fee as low as $20, Oasis’s prices are hard to beat.

Oasis Security Systems will even provide a one-of-a-kind system for farmers that was designed by Jones himself.

The Remote, Alarm, Protection (R.A.P) wireless system will not only protect your wind machines from being vandalized, but also keeps track of the temperature up to a two mile radius from the unit and will notify you when the temperature becomes to cold which could eliminate driving around all night and sleeping in your truck.

The R.A.P is powered by a high output solar panel which only needs four hours of sunlight in a seven day span to stay charged.

With Scott being involved in the Exeter Chambers of Commerce and also a long time member of the Lions Club, one does not have to worry about Oasis being a company who has their doors open today and closed tomorrow. Oasis Security Systems are here to stay.

For more information about Oasis Security Systems please call 559-592-9587 or visit them at their new location at 411 E. Pine Suite C just behind Whistle Stop.

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