Lindsay meeting moves to friday


The next regular meeting of the Lindsay City Council will not be held at its regular time.

At its June 11 meeting, the Lindsay City Council voted to move the meeting from Tuesday, June 24 to Friday, June 28. Council members discussed the change due to scheduling conflicts which would have created a lack of quorum for the meeting.

While the agenda for the meeting was not ready as of press time, the City Council is expected to approve the final draft of its 2013-14 fiscal year budget. The draft showed the City is not taking on any new grants or loans and thus not adding to its $36 million in long term debt.

According to the budget presented to the Lindsay City Council on June 11, Lindsay is looking at a $13.2 million budget for fiscal year 2013-14, less than a 1% difference from last year. The proposed budget’s biggest increase came in capital improvement projects, where the City budgeted an additional $300,000 for projects.

The projects, totaling $1.1 million, slated for the coming year include a new tractor/mower for parks ($30,000), a SCADA system upgrade for the water system ($20,000) and sewer system ($10,000). Lindsay has also budgeted more than $700,000 in street projects including overlays Alameda Street from Orange to Bond, Frazier Street from Sweet Brier to Gale Hill, Valencia Street from Mirage to Harvard and Mirage Street from Samoa to Hermosa. The projects were supposed to be completed this year but were moved into the upcoming fiscal year beginning on July 1.

But the largest capital improvement project is the $300,000 set aside to replace the Laurel Avenue water main. The water main has been an expensive problem for the City, with City Services crews making monthly if not weekly trips to patch the dilapidated pipes.

Overall, Lindsay’s revenue is down by about $10,000. The biggest hit was in the General Fund where revenues are projected to be $200,000 short of last year. The City is projecting a $27,000 drop in the Refuse Fund from last year. Two of the City’s Enterprise Funds, the McDermont Field House and Wellness Center are also projected to see a drop in revenue. Lindsay will be transferring less from the General Fund to cover debt service and putting more into reserves.

To cover the demands placed on its unrestricted funding, Lindsay has cut General Fund expenditures by $150,000. The big cut of $100,000 came in Non-Department expenditures, which includes insurance, dues and subscriptions, office leases and professional service charges.

The biggest increase to the General Fund was in Planning and Economic Development. In keeping with City Council directives, the City is projected to spend $25,000 to annex Roosevelt School on Hickory and Sequoia Drive.

The budget must be approved before then end of the fiscal year on June 30 which is why a the City Council had to meet on June 28. For more information, call Lindsay City Hall at 562-5111.

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