Shoplifter sentenced for 8th theft conviction

Tyree Bonner, 37 years old of Visalia. Submitted photo.

Tyree Bonner, 37 years old
of Visalia. Submitted photo.

Shoplifter avoids prison time under Prop. 47 despite seven prior theft convictions


VISALIA – A local shoplifter escaped a prison sentence but will serve 150 days in jail for stealing more than $200 in clothes and make-up.

On Sept. 22, Tulare County Superior Court Judge Gary Johnson sentenced Tyree Bonner, 37, of Visalia for the crime. She was previously found guilty by jury on Sept. 15, 2017 of petty theft and giving false information to a police officer. Both counts are misdemeanors.

Bonner was detained by the Visalia Police Department for shoplifting in the Visalia Macy’s department store on May 13, 2017. She was caught with more than $200 worth of clothing and cosmetics. When asked by officers for her name, Bonner gave false identification.

Despite having seven additional theft and burglary convictions starting in 2001, as well as other convictions for DUI and possession of controlled substances, Bonner will not serve any time in prison.

“The defendant in this case could have been sent to prison, but in 2011 the California Legislature reduced incarceration for petty theft with multiple prior convictions to local jail and in 2014 Proposition 47 made them misdemeanors,” said Assistant District Attorney Dave Alavezos.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Tomi Oduyemi and investigated by the Visalia Police Department.

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