City council approves Exeter’s newest mural

Exeter will add a new mural to the back wall of the public restrooms behind City Hall

By Paul Myers @PaulM_SGN

EXETER – Exeter’s outdoor art gallery has been the envy of towns through the south valley. And the mural team is constantly looking for the next project to put up on a wall. Thanks to the Exeter City Council last Tuesday, Oct. 10, their latest mural is ready to go up.

The mural will feature flora and fauna of the Mineral King areas – specifically a variety of local hummingbird known as Anna’s Hummingbird and wildflowers they frequent including Lupine, Columbine and Mariposa Lilies.

The Council approved the mural to go up on the east side (back wall) of the public owned restrooms. It will join the large Mineral King/ Sierra Mountains murals that lines the ally way between the Sun-Gazette office and what will soon be The Rock Yard Tavern. According to a City report presented to the Council, the mural will be approximately 5 feet by 6 feet.

Exeter City Council passed the mural 4-0 with Mary Waterman absent. According to the same report the exterior walls of the restroom are in need of some refurbishing and this building would not only benefit from the creation of a new mural space, but a mural painted there would add to the gallery in the immediate surroundings.

Exeter city manager Randy Groom noted at the meeting that the artist is Christie Caldwell.

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