Service club helps local woman afford service dog

The Foothill Rotary Club of Lindsay donates $500 to Leah Benitez to help pay for service dog


LINDSAY – Unlike a broken leg people can’t see how or why someone with anxiety is suffering, so all too often it goes overlooked. Instead people deal with their challenge in silence and take any opportunity they can for some sort of relief. And last week the Foothill Rotary Club of Lindsay offered a helping hand to one local fighting against her anxiety.

There as a guest speaker Leah Benitez was surprised when she was presented with a $500.00 donation from Foothill Rotary to go towards the purchase of a service dog to aid in her health and wellness. Benitez suffers from a debilitating anxiety disorder. A service dog would provide life-saving measures for her.

Thursday evening, the Rotary’s guest speaker was the Assistance Service Dog Educational Center. The Dog School was founded in 2002, by Gerald and Donna Whittaker. Their mission is to assist people dealing with disabilities, both emotionally and physically by providing full-time canine assistance and a full-time companion. “We Teach Students….To Train Dogs…To Help People.”

Katie Baker and Tim McFadden along with their service dogs, Pumpkin, Gordy and Hammer, shared with the group the many tasks the dogs can do to help their disabled people lead independent lives. Open and close doors, help undress, pick up and retrieve dropped items and much, much more.

Members of Foothill Rotary of Lindsay are passionate about the community they live in and want to help address local challenges by providing continuous opportunities to better their community.

Foothill Rotary meetings are open to the public. They meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 6 p.m. at El Patio Restaurant in Lindsay. If you are looking to get more involved in your community and/or are interested in joining Foothill Rotary, please contact [email protected]

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