Agriculture gets easier with unmanned labor

Crinklaw farm services inc., CFS, LP unveil the first unmanned agricultural orchard sprayer


FRESNO – The work of the American farmer has revolutionized global agriculture. From the soil to the breed of crops things have definitely trended towards greater yields. And now farmers might be able to increase efficiency with the new Global Unmanned Spray System (GUSS).

Introduced by the Crinklaw Farm Services Inc. and CFS, LP GUSS is the only robotic agricultural orchard sprayer offering precision application with the touch of a button. GUSS is fully automated, providing targeted, pinpoint application of pesticides and fertilizers more efficiently and safer than can be accomplished with manned equipment.

As the most advanced agricultural spraying system on the market, GUSS is equipped with a 173-HP Cummins diesel engine, a 600-gallon water tank, and a state-of-the-art electronics system. A combination of GPS, lasers, and other vehicle sensors provide GUSS’s guidance which safely drives the vehicle through the orchard rows. The unmanned sprayer integrates GPS field mapping with automation software to deliver precision application at the most consistent rate and speed possible.

GUSS’s innovative electronics system offers redundant safety features. The cutting-edge software creates custom field maps with built-in safety borders to ensure that GUSS stays on track. It has obstacle detection laser sensors that cause an automatic shutdown when an obstacle is detected. The front bumper is touch sensitive and shuts the vehicle down if pressed. With front and rear steering, GUSS is surprisingly mobile with a 17-foot turning radius allowing uninterrupted pass after pass and eliminating unnecessary downtime. GUSS’s streamlined design allows it to navigate narrow orchard rows without damaging the crop.

Its comprehensive software allows for more accurate tracking of product application and produces detailed compliance reports for regulatory entities. The electronic tracking system eliminates over-spraying, minimizes waste, provides increased food safety, and allows growers to analyze product usage.

GUSS was designed to maximize application efficiency and accuracy on mid to large-scale farming operations consisting of almond, pistachio, walnut, citrus, and stone fruit trees.

Dave Crinklaw, CEO of CFS, LP stated, “Everybody is living with technology. GUSS takes that technology to the next level. Our vision is to have fleets of these machines in orchards with the grower being able to monitor exactly what is being put on in a very safe, precise manner. It’s never been done like this before.” GUSS will make its debut in February 2018 at the 2018 World Ag Expo at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California.

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