Farmersville on verge of new hires and improved efficiency

City prepares to hire part-time animal control officer, part-time code enforcement position, promotes second ever female sergeant

By Crystal Havner
Special to the Sun-Gazette

FARMERSVILLE – Cities are constantly looking for ways to save tax payers money. One of the chief ways of doing that is becoming more efficient with staff time. And at Farmersville’s last City Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 8 the City is hoping to streamline some of their more tedious tasks.

During last Monday’s meeting the Council approved staff to research and purchase Civic Plus, an integrated technology platform which works with local governments to engage their citizens through the web environment. Specifically, the City is intertested in the software to help create their agendas.

The cost to the city for the first year is $8,613. The cost includes the one-time set up and design costs. The cost of the software will be less  than the hours paid to city staff to create the agendas for city government and other city documents.

City Financial Director Steve Huntley said, “The process used right now to create agendas is a very slow process. It puts a strain on the limited administrative staff we have and uses hundreds of hours of city manager time. With this new technology information can be input instantly and the minutes will almost be completed by the end of the meeting. The public will also have more immediate access to agendas and meetings.”

Police Chief Mario Krstic, who is also the interim city manager, announced that a part-time animal control officer and a part-time code enforcement positions are in the background check stage for hiring.

“We should have these positions filled soon,” he said.

In other news:

Officer Ashley Hettick was promoted to Sergeant at the meeting. Hettick is now the second female sergeant in the City’s history. The position become vacant when Sergeant Jeff Weatherby took a position in the Fresno Police Department.

Hettick is a K9 officer and was the school resource officer. She works with the Explorer Program and is a certified personal trainer.

Police chief Mario Krstic said, “She is a great role model for the students and works well with the faculty. She also helped set up Public Safety Career Day at the high school.”

Krstic said he also feels Hettick will make a good sergeant.

“She has a great maturity about her and has awesome leadership skills,” he said. “She is a great asset to the department and I hope she is here for a while.”

Hettick, who was pinned by her fiancé Randy Hoppert said, “To the supervisors at the PD, I have to say thank you for your guidance and leadership. I have to thank my family who have all contributed to help me serve the city of Farmersville and a special thank you to my fiancé who has stepped up and helped me take care of my son.”

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