City of Lindsay’s Mari Carrillo earns Lindsay Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Employee of the Year honor


LINDSAY – Ask any manager, good employees are hard to find. Fortunately for the City of Lindsay they found one of the best all the way back in 2000. Mari Carrillo has made a career out of expanding her job description by demonstrating her stellar work ethic and her dress to impress attitude.

Carrillo began her career as a dispatcher until she was later promoted to the position of administrative assistant to the chief of police.  She accepted those responsibilities in addition to supervising and training staff in the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center.

As if that isn’t a big enough job description she also serves as the human resource manager where she takes care of the needs of all city employees.  From the interview and hiring process to training, benefits negotiating and enforcing city and union rules her days are filled with constant challenges.  Because of the constantly changing rules in the work place she has made a point of staying on top of the latest news when it comes to City employees. While some might find that aspect of the job the most trying, Carrillo says it is her favorite part, because she gets to learn something new every day. Her attitude toward challenges has made her a natural leader in her organization, but she doesn’t just apply that to her work but the community as well.

Carrillo has proven she is very instrumental in the success of the Lindsay Community Santa Night.  In addition to working with LPOA and its partners she is supervising the large amount of Lindsay High Learners who show up to volunteer for the event. As well, Carrillo is a generous donor to the Lindsay Helping One Woman events and along with her husband Rick Carrillo donate their time to Valley Children’s Hospital.

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