Tulare County Crop Report for week ending Feb. 3

SMALL GRAINS AND OTHER FIELD CROPS: Winter forage crops such as wheat, barley, other cereal grains and forage crops continue to be planted; last week’s rain was beneficial for previously planted crops. However, irrigation is still needed to statin ideal growth.

DECIDUOUS TREE FRUITS, NUTS, AND GRAPES: Table grapes stored are mostly done with a small remainder exporting to China and Mexico. Persimmon harvest continues to be exported primarily to Mexico. The Kiwi demand is steady, receiving fruit from out of the county and re-exporting to Mexico, as well as domestically. Pistachio nuts continue to be primarily exported to Austria, Hong Kong, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, and Vietnam. Almonds continue to be shipped to Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Walnut exports have increased, specifically in the Chinese market. Field activities continue in stone fruit and nut orchards. Vineyards continue to be pruned, brush is being shredded and dormant sprays continue to be applied. Pruning of stone fruit trees continues across the county.

CITRUS, AVOCADOS, AND OLIVES: Citrus harvest continues with high demand in the domestic and exports market. Navels and mandarins are being exported to Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, and Japan. Pomelos continue to be shipped domestically with exports to Japan and China. Melogold hybrid grapefruit are be exported to Japan. Lemon exports are in high demand in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand. The volume of navel oranges being packed continues to be lower than previous years but has recently picked up in various areas. Navel sizes continue to be an issue as larger sizes are trending, making sales difficult to fulfill orders for smaller sizes. Olive growers continue pruning groves.

VEGETABLES, MELONS, AND BERRIES: Fields continue to be prepared and planted. Lettuce harvested is in full swing. Strawberry growth looks ideal

LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY: Rangeland forage remains fair as rain is needed. Supplemental feeding continues to be required.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Bulk bare root rose nursery stock shipments continue to be received from out of county and interstate shipments continue. Export shipments of bare root roses are being sent to Canada; the market is thriving. Nursery shipments have started to pick up.

Prepared by: Marilyn Kinoshita
Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer

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