WIB covers cost for workers to ‘UpSkill’

Frontline Supervisory Academy and Essential Workplace Skills classes at COS help entry level workers obtain the skills to become supervisors


TULARE — Tulare County is always near the top of the list of areas with available workforce, but most of those workers only have the skills necessary to obtain an entry level position. Where do companies turn to find people with the skills to become supervisors and managers?

The answer, according to the Tulare County Workforce Investment Board (WIB), is to grow your own. Last week, WIB announced the launch of its UpSkill Tulare County initiative. The program is part of a four-year plan adopted last year to increase the skills of entry level workers and encourages employers to promote upward mobility in the workplace.

“Ideally, there is someone a business thinks is a good fit for supervisor, they attend the training and then get a promotion,” said Andre Brasil, business resource specialist who is coordinating the UpSkill program for WIB. “Now the employer can backfill that empty, entry level position with a new employee.”

As part of that initiative, the College of the Sequoias’ Training Resource Center is offering a Front Line Supervisory Academy designed for anyone in a supervisory role or aspiring to be in one. This training will be completely funded by the (WIB). The class will focus on soft skills training in areas such as interpersonal skills, communication, teamwork, cultural & generational diversity, conflict resolution, coaching, motivation, organization, problem solving and delegation.

“I learned different techniques of handling personalities, coaching, conflict, problem solving, and change,” said one previous attendee about the training.

The trainings will be held on Thursdays from March 1 through May 17 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Jo-Ann Distribution Center in the Visalia Industrial Park. This class is normally $499 per person, however the Tulare County Workforce Investment Board will be funding this cohort for eligible employers.

Under this same initiative the Training Resource Center is also offering an Essential Workplace Skills training. This training will also be completely funded by the WIB and focuses on building essential skills in your production workforce. These skills include teambuilding, communication, internal customer service, employee attitude, conflict management, stress management and time management and values/ethics.

“This course provided me with the tools to break barriers and understand situations and people more than before,” said one previous attendee about this training course.

This training is scheduled from April 3 through May 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1-4 p.m. at the COS Tulare College Center. This class is normally $349 per person, however the Tulare County Workforce Investment Board will be funding this training for eligible employers.

To find out eligibility requirements and learn more about registering, contact Andre Brasil at the WIB at 559-713-5210 or [email protected]. You can also call or email the COS Training Resource Center to find out more about the trainings at 559-688-3130 or [email protected].

The Tulare County Workforce Investment Board is comprised of public and private sector stakeholders in the region dedicated to making the right investments in workforce talent for local businesses. The Board’s decisions are supported by Sector Advisories which represent high growth/high wage/ career sectors, such as industrial and health care sectors. For more information, visit www.tularewib.org.

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