Exeter Cub Scouts burn rubber in annual Pinewood Derby


EXETER – The Exeter Cub Scouts held their annual Pinewood Derby in the last weekend of January to the tune of “Good ol’ Fashioned Racing.” It was an exciting day for the young scouts and their family members. The day started off with racers attempting to get their cars to exactly 5.0 ounces…adding weights, drilling holes and crossing fingers that their car would be the fastest. Music was playing, pictures of the scouts with their cars displayed and then the lights dimmed and the racing began. Four heats later, a few wipeouts, and the smoke cleared we had our winners.

Zane Everett took home the first place trophy with his lightning fast “Hershey” car. Zane’s car was not only super stylish in design but set track records in several of his heats while on the road to victory. Second and third place finishes went to Nathaniel Munden and Noah Duran who were equally as quick and battled head-to-head in the final race. Jeffrey Perry took home the “Best Car Design” trophy with an impressive car designed as a tank with a working gun that delighted young and old alike.

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