Sixth, seventh and eighth graders from Sequoia Union in Lemon Cove leave mark at History Day event


TULARE COUNTY – A small school district took home a big portion of the middle school category awards at Tulare County’s annual Natural History Day event.

Sequoia Union students in grades 6 through 8 took home 11 of the 33 top spots in the junior level events at the contest with projects analyzing historical events from the French Revolution to World War II and personalities from Queen Mary to Rosie the Riveter.

Held Feb. 16 at the Tulare County Office of Education administration building, National History Day is a theme-based research program that showcases original presentations by students in grades 4-12 pertaining to historical issues, ideas, people and events. Students may choose any topic in local, national or world history and explore its significance relative to the annual theme, which for 2018 is Conflict and Compromise in History. This year, elementary, middle and high school students from 14 Tulare County schools presented 121 projects at the competition.

Students in grades 4-12 competed in web site design, live performances, videos and historical reports. Photo by Patrick Dillon.

Students in grades 4-12 competed in web site design, live performances, videos and historical reports. Photo by Patrick Dillon.

Sequoia Union swept the junior web site design contests in both individual and group. Individual web site design finalists were Carter Lang, “The French Revolution,” and Jake Rowlett, “Tule River Tribe.” Group finalists were “Built, Broken, and Mended Again,” by J.T. Amaral, Ethan Gonzales, Garrett Powell and Jackson Ray; and “Sylvester Stallone: The Making of the Rocky Saga,” by Constantino Montenegro and Noah Reyna.

Lemon Cove students also took a top spot in the Jr. Group Documentary category. Bryce Fox, Ella Howell and Sydney McNulty were the lone finalist with their look at “The New Color of the Rainbow: A Story of the Harlem Hellfighters.”

They also took two of three final spots in Jr. Individual Documentary for Taylor Amaral’s video on “Queen Elizabeth: The Accidental Queen,” and Leiana Sine for “Working Girl: The Woman Behind Rosie the Riveter.”

Lemon Cove students got high marks in individual exhibits and historical papers as well. Ava Anez was a finalist in Jr. Individual Exhibit titled “Cuban Missile Crisis.” Cameraon Powell’s paper “Desmond Doss: To Follow One’s Faith or to Follow One’s Freedom,” was among the finalists for Jr. Historical Paper.

Sequoia Union’s Grant Richmond earned an alternate spot in the Jr. Group Performance category for his historical portrayal of “Lucky Luciano: The Face of Organized Crime.” Mia Regalado and Gabriella Rodriguez were an alternate in the Jr. Group Exhibit category for their historical expose of Queen Mary I titled “A Crooked Queen: The Story of the Bloody Pursuit of Queen Mary I of England.”

During the presentation of awards, event coordinator Gay Atmajian also announced Ava Anez of Sequoia Union had received the Tulare County History Day Scholarship of $250, which supports students moving on to the state competition May 5-6 at William Jessup University in Rocklin, Calif. Other scholarship recipients included: TCHS Leadership Scholarship for $250 went to Dayana Chavez, Wendy Garcia and Andrea Parra of Dinuba GATE for “Women in Military: Women Warriors”; 2018 TCHS Freedom Scholarship for $250 went to Alison Meza of Dinuba HS for “Behind Closed Doors, The Marjoree Mason Center”; TCHS Victory Scholarship for $250 went to Eric Chavez of Ridgeview MS for “The Conflict and Compromise Between the Agriculture Industry and the United Farmworkers.”

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