Finance director Bret Harmon rehired at City of Lindsay after leaving less than one month ago


By Paul Myers @PaulM_SGN

LINDSAY – Lindsay City Hall is no stranger to staff shakeups, but their latest one has worked out in their favor. After announcing his departure in February, finance director Bret Harmon is rejoining the Lindsay administrative ranks after less than a month long leave.

“It is an honor and privilege Bill Zigler has welcomed me back as the City’s finance director and city clerk,” Harmon said in an emailed statement Monday morning.

In February Harmon announced he was leaving the City on March 1 to become the chief financial officer (CFO) of the Tulare County Superior Court. Harmon said in his announcement back he could not have appreciated the difference between municipal finance and that of court administration until he went through it. Now that he has he decided to return to Lindsay.

“After only a short time, I realized my heart is drawn far more strongly to local government than to court administration despite how impressed I was by everyone I met at the Court. “They do a great work and do it very well,” Harmon said.

Harmon joined the City in January 2017, and within a year he managed to trouble shoot many of Lindsay’s financial troubles, was the chief architect of the City’s one percent Measure O sales tax and restructured the City’s services while creating a long term debt payment plan. All of which helped the City meet a balanced budget.

Toward the end of his first stint with the City he helped jettison the McDermont Field House business from Lindsay’s books, which allowed it to be a private company that pays rent for the facility’s use. He also oversaw the initial phases of the City’s purchase of the public safety department’s newest fire truck which will be delivered next year.

Harmon’s return for the City is a welcomed sight for Zigler who said he would have liked to keep him on staff forever.

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