Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force arrests four for soliciting prostitution, one for pandering


VISALIA – Work towards cracking down on human trafficking in Tulare County continued two weeks ago. On the evening of March 16 in Visalia, the Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force arrested five people as a part of an undercover operation organized by the Visalia Police Department.

In all law enforcement arrested: Zoe Nachbar, 24, Norma Alvarez-Garcia, 19, Katrina Currey, 22, Alonie Black, 23, for soliciting prostitution, and Christopher Martinez, age 36, for pandering. Martinez has since been charged with one misdemeanor count of supervising or aiding a prostitute.

Officers and investigators came from Visalia PD, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office and the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Visalia Police Department takes great pride in investigating human trafficking cases. We understand it is not a victimless crime as many of the women, and sometimes men, are forced into this dangerous lifestyle,” said Sergeant Randy Lentzer of the Visalia Police Department’s Special Enforcement Unit. “We will continue with these operations to not only hold the appropriate people responsible, but also try to help the victims by working with the many different agencies in Tulare County that provide assistance and services for them. The Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force brings all of these resources together to help further these goals.”

The Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force was established in 2014 to bring law enforcement and community stakeholders together to identify victims of all forms of trafficking, deliver services to those victims, and lead to the successful investigation and prosecution of traffickers. In 2016, the Task Force began receiving funding from the United States Department of Justice to continue its mission of investigation, prosecution, victim service, and awareness.

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