Council votes to approve $2M grant application to improve existing downtrodden alleyways

By Crystal Havner
Special to the Sun-Gazette

FARMERSVILLE – The City of Farmersville is looking forward to sprucing up some of the less visible parts of their city. According to staff and residents, the alley ways around town have been rundown for quite some time and are far from pedestrian friendly.

Interim city manager Mario Krstic said, “The alleys, in the shape they are in now, are not pedestrian- or vehicle-friendly. We are asking for input from the community on how we can improve the alleys.”

As recently as last Monday, March 26 staff was given permission by the City Council to apply for a $2 million grant from the Urban Greening Program’s Green Alley Project. The grant would help to transform the existing rundown alleys by making better transportation links, install lighting and adding greenery.

The greener alleys are intended to improve air quality, walk-ability, livability and connectivity.

According to staff reports the project will run north to south from W. Cottonwood Street and Pepper Street to Visalia Road, east and west from N. Linnell to N. Magnolia, south to north from Post Office to Ash and Ash to Pepper. The alleys all run parallel to Farmersville Blvd.

Permeable asphalt and concrete will be used to resurface the alley ways. This will allow groundwater recharge to prevent dust and ponding. The alleys will be brightened up with LED/energy efficient lighting, public art, drought tolerant native grasses, small trees, and shrubs.

Residents are encourages to stop by and provide their input by filling out a survey regarding the alleyways and the project.

“The more input the better,” said Krstic. “The more surveys we can turn in shows that our community is involved and will help with receiving the grant.”

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