Galaxy Theatre in Porterville will be showcasing three feature films by the Nelms Brothers on Thursday, April 19.


VISALIA – On Thursday, April 19 the Galaxy Theatre in Porterville will also be showcasing three feature films by the Nelms Brothers: 2013’s Lost on Purpose, which was filmed in Tulare County, 2015’s release of Waffle Street, based on the memory of the same name, starring Danny Glover and James Lafferty, and Small Town Crime.  The Galaxy will be offering this special Nelms Brothers retrospective free of charge to the community.  For those interested in attending, they would simply need to arrive at the theater before the screenings to obtain a wristband, which will give them access to all three movies.

The Nelms Brothers are grateful to have grown up in Tulare County and have been so supported by the community.  They appreciate the opportunity and the kindness these theaters are showing in an effort to show as many people in the community as possible and it is our hope that these events will help inspire other filmmakers as well and even more productions to take place in Tulare County.

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