Potential new production well placement at the soon-to-be sports park leaves City Council uneasy over optics


By Paul Myers @PaulM_SGN

LINDSAY – The Lindsay City Council moved forward last month to convert the Lindsay Municipal Golf Course into a soccer park with several soccer fields. Unfortunately the place might not be so pristine if they choose to build a production well on the corner of Tulare and Sequoia.

At their latest meeting on April 24, the Lindsay City Council voted to issue a request for proposal (RFP) to dig a test well nearest to the small neighborhood on the north side of the course on Sequoia. However, they did not okay the site of a production well on the property. Council members were mostly concerned about how it would look.

Most of the City’s wells are in a pump house of some kind, encased in a chain link gate or hidden by a brick wall. City services director Mike Camarena said that it is possible to encase the production well in lattice and vines to keep the pump from being an eyesore. 

“If it’s nice then okay I’m good… because we’re putting a lot of money into this place,” vice mayor Danny Salinas said.

The Council has until December of this year to make a final call on the location of the production well, per the Proposition 1 Planning Grant they received in 2016. 

The grant is meant to accomplish two projects; the City’s Well 14, 1, 2-Dibromo-3-Chloropropane (DBCP) mitigation levels and establish a new production well. A City staff report states the City’s DBCP levels have been within state standards since November 2016 but State staff required the completion of this portion of the grant anyway. The new production well has been a far more complicated process.

Before City’s drill a production well, they drill a test well to see if there is water first. There were 11 potential test well locations at seven different sites located in and out of the city limits. Because of the transition of the 11.5 acres of golf course land to the soccer park, the City had the opportunity to include the land in test well consideration. 

City manager Bill Zigler was quick to point out that the potential of a test well and production well on what will be the new soccer park was not a factor in letting the golf course go. But an added benefit to locating a well there is the water infrastructure that is already under Sequoia and Tulare roads and as mayor Pam Kimball pointed out the land is City owned. If Lindsay wanted to locate their well to a different site they would have a potentially lengthy process with private land owners complete with buying the land and all the negotiations required. 

The Council decided to review their options in subsequent meetings before making a final decision on where to place the production well. 

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