Grant will allow Visalia to install water-efficient landscaping at city hall, transit center


VISALIA – While the drought might seem over to some, there are plenty of reasons to be water wise. And as of this week, the City of Visalia is taking a step toward conservations. 

Thanks to a grant from the California Conservation Corps (CCC) and the State of California Department of Water Resources, two City facilities are “going green.” With 335 new plants, 500 square feet of “No Mow” sod and the potential to save approximately 400,000 gallons of water every year, Visalia is expanding their water conservation efforts.

“This special water conservation project is allowing us both short-term and cumulative, long-term water savings thanks to the landscape and irrigation work we’re undertaking at our Transit Maintenance Yard and City Hall West offices,” shared Christine Chavez, City of Visalia Transit Management Analyst.

At the Transit Maintenance Yard, crews have been working on turf removal and re-planting with low water use plants while irrigation work has included retrofitting and installing water-efficient systems. City Hall West is next, as crews prepare to also remove turf and water-hungry shrubs with locally adapted native plants, a bio-retention swale, and rock mulch.

 “In total, we’ll be removing 25,450 square feet of turf and replacing it with plants and “No Mow” sod,” added Chavez. “Our Urban Forestry and Natural Resource Conservation Divisions have been working closely with CCC crew on the project. We look forward to these locations both serving as demonstration areas for drought tolerant and water saving landscaping.”

Once complete, the plants will be identified with signage and details on their water saving capabilities. The landscaped areas will be completely viewable and open to the public when the work wraps up in a few weeks.

For more information, contact Christine Chavez, City of Visalia Transit Department at 559-713-4594 or [email protected].

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