EUSD ready to talk new athletics field

Despite a small shopping center and brand new affordable housing on northern end of Belmont near Visalia Road, there is not much to look at. Well, at least for now. 

Last week the Exeter Unified School District (EUSD) Board of Trustees discussed what was to become of the strip of land along Belmont they sold to the City of Exeter two years ago. The property is intended to be the beginning of a walkway that will be the edge of the City’s long term south-west specific plan. Now the City might have to start accounting for a 20-acre sports field behind the new apartments and shopping center.

According to EUSD superintendent Tim Hire, the District is looking to build a sports park on the property. He added they are currently researching how many regulation baseball and softball fields could fit on the 20-acre lot. Hire said this has been a project long in the making.

“I’ve been talking with the board about this for a number of years,” Hire said.

The field will be intended for student athlete use primarily, but Hire said he would like to have the field open to the public for youth sports like flag football or soccer. 

There has not been anything set in stone as of yet, but Hire said that renderings of the park will be coming soon.

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