Evan Disinger attacks 81-year-old mother at her Lemon Cove home


LEMON COVE – A Lindcove man was arrested last week after he choked his elderly mother and then bit her hand when she tried to call law enforcement. 

Evan Disinger 56 years old

Evan Disinger
56 years old

On May 30, 56-year-old Evan Disinger of Lindcove was arrested at his home in the rural community northeast of Exeter following a warrant for his arrest on charges of robbery, carjacking, physical elder abuse and dissuading a victim. He was booked at the Tulare County Adult Pre-Trial Facility. The crime actually occurred a month earlier, on April 30, when Disinger allegedly got in a verbal argument with his 81-year-old mother at her home in the 31000 block of Sierra Drive in Lemon Cove. The elderly woman told police that the argument escalated and her son placed his hands around her throat and pushed her against a cabinet. The woman ran out of her home and into her car and started to drive away. She stopped down the street and called law enforcement for help at about 7 p.m. 

While waiting for deputies to arrive, Disinger walked to her vehicle and entered the front passenger door. He told her to drive him to the store and she refused. Disinger turned the ignition and placed the car in drive. When he noticed that his mother was holding her cell phone, he told her not to call law enforcement and then bit her hand until she dropped the phone. After forcing her to take him to a nearby store, Disinger got out of the vehicle and took the phone with him.

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