City of Visalia slows traffic on nine segments of roadway


City Council approves changes to speed limits, increases speeds on two segments of roadway

By Reggie Ellis @Reggie_SGN

VISALIA – Traffic will be slowing down in Visalia this year, and not necessarily due to road construction. 

At its June 4 meeting, the Visalia City Council approved recommendations for the posted speed limit of 22 segments of roadway throughout the city. Half of the segments surveyed by the city will see a drop in the posted speed limit. Most of the reductions came on roads that have been annexed into the city since the last speed survey was conducted. As former county roads, the unposted speed limit was 55 mph. Crenshaw Street from Wagner Avenue to Whitendale dropped significantly to 35 mph along with Monte Verde Avenue between Burke Street and Ben Maddox as well as Monte Vista Avenue from Santa Fe Street to Burke. The speed limit on County Center Drive fell to 40 mph between Pratt Avenue and Shannon Parkway. Ben Maddox Way from the St. Johns Parkway to the northern city limits and Riggin Avenue from Linwood Street to Demaree Street dropped to 50 mph. 

Ben Maddox from K Avenue to Caldwell Avenue also dropped from 50 mph to 45 mph, as did Demaree between Ferguson Avenue and Houston. From Houston on to Goshen Avenue, Demaree’s speed limit dropped from 45 to 40 mph. 

Riggin also had one of just two segments where the city increased the speed limit. The new posted speed limit between Demaree and County Center will be 50 mph. On Willis Street between Houston Avenue and Mineral King Avenue, the speed limit edged up from 25 mph to 30 mph. 

The remaining 11 of the 22 segments or roadway surveyed will maintain their current speed limits. The city estimates it will cost $6,000 to install road signs with the new speed limits.

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