SoCal Edison begins replacing Visalia’s street lights with brighter, more energy efficient bulbs


VISALIA – Dim, yellow bulbs hazily illuminating dark corners has long been a complaint of Visalia residents concerned about crime in their neighborhoods. But streets should be brighter in the coming months thanks to a project between the City of Visalia and Southern California Edison (SCE). 

Last week the city announced plans to change out all SCE-owned street lights within the Visalia public roadways from high-pressure sodium (HPS) technology to Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting.

“SCE is replacing approximately 5,500 of their street lights located throughout the City,” shares Frank Senteno, city engineer for City of Visalia. “They began replacing their existing street light fixtures with new energy efficient LED lights [last] month and will continue to replace their fixtures over the next three months. The replacement process will have negligible impacts to the residents of Visalia, but residents will notice that the streetlight is brighter and white.”

LED lighting is known for “white” light, as opposed to HPS technology, which emits orange-yellowish light. LED technology reduces glare, light trespass (the spillover of light into areas where it’s not wanted), and uplight, all while illuminating roadways better.

The energy efficient LED street light fixtures will also provide an energy savings for the City of Visalia.  According to SCE, the new fixtures are expected to provide an estimated $25,000 per year in energy costs.

In addition to the SEC owned street lights, the City of Visalia owns and maintains approximately 1,500 streetlights.

“When a City owned light goes out, malfunctions or is damaged, we replace it with an LED fixture,” adds Senteno. “Current City standards call for all new streetlights within City roadways to be LED as well as owned, maintained and operated by the City.

For more information on the replacement of the SCE street fixtures, contact Frank Yanes, SCE, at 559-685-3276 or at [email protected].

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