Crocker makes himself known to district


Tulare County District One Board Supervisor Kuyler Crocker holds town hall in Strathmore Oct. 17

By Paul Myers

STRATHMORE – District one of Tulare County is getting some face-time with the man who represents them countywide.

On Oct. 17 Board Supervisor Kuyler Crocker will host his second townhall meeting in his two years on the board. Constituents from all over District One are welcome to attend at the Starthmore Veterans Memorial Building at 23124 Ave 196 from 6 to 8 p.m.

“My goal is to do one every couple of months and shift it around…it gets me out and about and hearing what’s going on and then we are focusing on priorities the community wants,” Crocker said.

In previous townhalls and community events Crocker says most complaints are about roads and code enforcement.

“Roads are going to be one of the county’s hot topic issues. But also, …code enforcement. We have bad neighbors all over the county and we want our bad neighbors to take care of their property,” Crocker said.

He added that even for citizens who don’t have a problem per se, should know what the process is to report complaints over roads like a pot hole or something else.

“If they have issues of interest I want to talk about those first instead of things that people don’t know or care about…I think the Q&A is the most worthwhile part of the meeting,” Crocker said. “We need to have that back and forth. We have 5K employees, we’re government, we’re bureaucratic so sometimes things slip through the cracks.”

Crocker’s town halls and appearances at community events is a break from former board member Allen Ishida. At a previous town hall in Lemon Cove a member of the crowd told him it was the first town hall in almost 25 years. Now in office for the next two years Crocker intends to continually make himself publicly available to his constituents.

“For me I think this is a very good forum that is very transparent and public We can get a lot of info at once and have some experts in the county that can hear their concerns and do something about it. We’ve heard it, so let’s take care of it,” Crocker said.

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