Velasquez and three other candidates run for Lindsay Hospital District Board


Director of Human Resources runs for Hospital District, three other candidates running as well

By Paul Myers

LINDSAY – Out of four candidates running for two seats on the Lindsay Hospital District Board, only one has be responsive.

Valerie Velasquez is taking on incumbent Rick Loftin, and other challengers Elizabeth Waggoner and Ignacio Alcocer. Cynthia Baker, incumbent on the board, did not file for reelection. Velasquez was the sole candidate who was inclined to answer the Sun-Gazette’s questionnaire for publication. Alcocer fervently refused to respond to questions, Waggoner failed to provide updated contact information and Loftin did not respond by press time.

• What are your qualifications for running for this office?

“As part of my role as a Human Resources Director, I am responsible for managing benefit and wellness programs for our organization. Throughout my career as a Human Resources professional, I have been given the opportunity to attend seminars, conferences and workshops throughout the country, focusing specifically on healthcare and wellness. As a long time community member, I would like to share my experience and knowledge and do my part to work together to make our community stronger and healthier.” – Velasquez

• What do you see as the main issue facing the hospital district?

“I believe that the main issue facing the hospital district is finding innovative ways to provide wellness services and programs that benefit the whole community. With the needs of the community constantly changing, it’s important to find new ways to help promote programs that focus on preventative health measures as well as ensuring that the needs of those who suffer from chronic illnesses are met.” – Velasquez

• What is the primary role of the hospital district in Lindsay?

“The hospital district focuses on the healthcare needs of all residents by promoting primary healthcare, providing essential resources and education to the community and supporting programs that are designed to promote health and wellness in the community.” – Velasquez

• In addition to what the district funds now, what types of projects would you like to see the hospital district support?

“I would like to see additional wellness initiatives that promote community engagement. It would be great to see things like a nutrition and cooking demonstration program, a community garden, and additional movement classes for kids and teens. I know that we are a small town, but I believe that if we continue to work together collaboratively we can make big things happen.” – Velasquez

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