Goshen residents looking to put park plan into motion


County Parks & Rec reaches out for community comments on unnamed park

By Nancy Vigran, Reporter for The Sun-Gazette

GOSHEN – Approximately 20 Goshen residents sat down with Tulare County Parks & Recreation personnel in a forum on Nov. 8 to discuss just how they would like to use the local park. Yet, unnamed, the park was originally developed as a park/drainage basin with redevelopment funds, but has basically sat empty since. Local residents have been using part of it as a soccer field.

Following the dissolution of the Tulare County Redevelopment Agency due to a lack of funding by the state, the park’s maintenance was assumed by the County’s Resource Management Agency. As of September, it was turned over to the County’s Parks & Recreation Department.

Residents have a long wish list:

• Revamping the sport’s field to include lighting
• Widen walkways
• Add drinking fountains
• Add trash cans
• Develop playground with covered area
• Develop arbor with picnic tables
• Add benches and bleachers
• Add exercise stations
• Add pet stations
• Build restrooms
• Add additional lighting

Determining what is doable for the nearly 12-acre area will be an issue for the Parks Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Board of Superintendents. Decisions will rely heavily upon what grant funds may be available, approved, and received, said Janet Zaragoza, community outreach specialist.

The park currently has partial fencing with a gate, some landscaping, and a sprinkler system that is in need of repair, according to Neil Pilegard, Parks & Recreation manager.

At the forum there was discussion regarding fencing and whether to leave in the gate. Most seemed to want it in and to leave the gate left closed “for safety issues when children are playing,” Zaragoza said. Parents want that extra minute it takes to open the gate when chasing a ball, so to slow the child down and look before they run out, she explained.

The park, located at Betty Drive and Robinson Road, is yet unnamed. Goshen residents have submitted possibilities and top three have been chosen to take to the Board of Supervisors for the final choice. They are Community Park of Goshen, Goshen Community Park, and Goshen Sports Complex.

The next PAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 4 at 3:30 p.m. inside the Tulare County Museum in Mooney Grove Park. Goshen’s Park will be on the agenda. The public is invited.

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