Tulare Hospital District evolves on sale of gym, brings in new equipment

Evolutions in Tulare shows a robust reboot in 2019 by adding almost 50 new pieces of equipment


TULARE – Once an item on the chopping block during the Tulare Hospital District’s crash that spanned over a year, is coming back in force.

Tulare Evolutions Fitness and Wellness Center is welcoming residents to burn off their Christmas calories by using their new state-of-the-art equipment.

Operated by Tulare Local Healthcare District, Evolutions has installed 49 new pieces of fitness apparatus, including several state of the art pieces designed to make working out more fun and challenging.

Jayne Presnell, executive director of Evolutions, said the new equipment really enhances the workout experience and gives members more motivation to work out.

“It takes the grudge out of it,” she said. “The new thing that members are excited about is the new screens.”

Of the new fitness pieces, 30 come with the personalized viewing screens designed to make working out more fun and challenging. Members can log into the Internet on the device and either watch a show, check their emails or Facebook, or bring up a trail on the screen which they can use for the workout.

“It’s like you’re actually walking or running on a trail,” stressed Presnell. There are several trail options, all with a different degree of challenge. And, she pointed out, they are constantly updated so new challenges are available all the time.

In the past, those on fitness equipment could watch one of the many TV screens placed around the facility. Those only offered TV channels. Now, members can personalize what they watch or take advantage of the personalized workout.

In all, the personalized viewing screens are on treadmills, all motion trainers, ellipticals and lower body ellipticals.
Presnell, who is the only director in Evolutions’ 13-year history, said the new pieces replace some equipment which was original and worn out. She explained the basic workout provided by the equipment is not much changed, but the new technology and the viewing screens changes the workout experience.

In all, the fitness center spent more than $275,000 on the upgrades.

Despite the new equipment, 2018 has been a year of transition for the fitness center on Prosperity Avenue in Tulare. Through 2017’s firing of the TRMC hospital’s former management staff, Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA), and subsequent shutdown of the hospital in October of ‘17, Evolutions also was closed for one month. It reopened that November, with operations managed under Evo Management Company, a company formed specifically to temporarily take over operations of the gym for TRMC during a turbulent time.

Forming Evo for Evolutions was a way to get it up and running again quickly and the contract term remains in effect through November, or until the board votes to dissolve the agreement.

For a while, there was some discussion regarding a potential sale of the gym, the building in which it operates, and the surrounding property equaling 3.9 acres. It is valued at approximately $10.5 million. However, that option is, at least for now, taken off the table.

A second lien on Evolutions had been imposed as collateral with the lease of the hospital, itself, to Adventist Health. Adventist Health extended a line of credit to TRMC, as it prepares for the temporary reopening of the hospital under Adventist Health management.

Kevin Northcraft TRMC board president said in August that Evolutions is a money maker and hopes the board will continue focusing on retaining it.

Presnell said the upgrades shows Evolutions is not going anywhere and will only get better.

“If we were going to close, we wouldn’t have invested $275,000,” she said.
The fitness center also added new step mills, two new assault airbikes, a glute drive, full body press dead lift platform and a BoxMaster Tower.

Opened in 2005, Evolutions serves more than 5,000 members. It offers the latest in cardiovascular training equipment, selectorized and plate loaded weight resistance equipment, group exercises, personal trainers, indoor cycling, a lap pool and warm water therapy and men’s and women’s spas, saunas and more.

For more information on Evolutions and its special no cost to sign up offer, call 559-685-3800 or check it out on Facebook. Evolutions will also host an open house on Jan. 10.

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