Letter to the Editor: Fostering a Child—Healing the bond of parental love

Dear Editor,

In February, romantic ideas of love are everywhere, with the call to demonstrate our affection for loved ones on Valentine’s Day. The children in foster care almost always have parents who love them, but are unable for a variety of reasons, to be protective and safe parents. The children love their parents as well, and grieve that they, for their own safety, can’t be with their parents. Studies show that feeling loved and cared for is crucial in young children’s brain development, and when children must come into foster care for their own safety, this bond of love, is damaged. There are volunteers in our community who advocate for these innocent children, who come to know them, and provide reports to Juvenile Court judges so that the children can hopefully be safely reunified with their parents, or failing that, have another loving family. CASA volunteers, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, are recruited and trained by CASA of Tulare County, then matched with a foster child. Not only do CASA volunteers give children caring one-on-one attention, but they collaborate with the professionals working on the child’s case, determine what’s in their best interest, and share their findings in Court. Change a foster child’s life. Become a CASA volunteer and help a child receive the love and support they need not only for cognitive development but to form bonds that often last a lifetime. Sincerely,

Paul Moore
Executive Director
CASA of Tulare County

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