Letter to the Editor: Woodlake School District disputes State’s figure on grads’ college-readiness

Dear Editor,

On Jan. 23, 2019, there was [a Learning Curve column] titled “Unearned Education” by Jerrold Jensen printed in the Opinion section of The Sun-Gazette newspaper. In the column, the author included a table that gives the percent of 2018 high school graduates that met admission requirements to a four-year college.

On behalf of the Woodlake Unified School District (WUSD), we want to inform parents, local and neighboring community members, and all supporters of WUSD that the 10% reported for Woodlake High School (WHS) is not correct. WHS had 35% of the graduating class of 2018 meet admission requirements to four-year colleges. If you would like additional information on the performance of WHS students, please feel welcomed to visit WHS and meet with me. You may also contact me by phone 559-564-3307 or email at [email protected].

Rick Rodriguez
Woodlake High School

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