Farmersville mini-mart to reopen after killing of landlord


By Paul Myers @PaulM_SGN

FARMERSVILLE – Less than a year since the shooting, and eventual death, of the landlord of Aztec Liquor on Visalia Road and Dwight Avenue, the store is ready to open up shop under a new owner.

Samco Mini Mart intends to take over the store where business owner Harbahajan Mundi, 66, allegedly shot and killed the landlord. They intended to open earlier this month but was forced to put the brakes on the store when the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control said there were too many licenses issued to that business tract.

Farmersville city manager Jennifer Gomez said she had sent off a “Statement of Public Necessity or Convenience” to ABC last week explaining that this is not necessarily a new license, but replacing a license for a business that is no longer open. The statement was sent on behalf of Samco Mini-Mart where they explain they intend to open as a gas station and convenience store. Gomez says since the Aztec Liquor closed last summer there has been a need for residents to do some local shopping, and the City has likely lost some gas tax revenue.

“There is still a need for the residents to go in that area…and it’s also great being on Visalia Road so it captures any drivers between us and Exeter,” Gomez added.

The store closed last year after business owner Mundi, allegedly shot and killed the landlord. Reports last summer revealed the landlord had entered with several other people before the incident occured. When officers arrived they located two victims. The primary victim had gunshot wounds to his body and was in serious condition. The secondary victim, an adult male, had a gunshot wound to his foot. Both were transported to Kaweah Delta Hospital for treatment. Mundi also suffered a gunshot wound to his foot. Officers secured a 38-caliber revolver that was believed to have been used in the shooting.

On Monday, July 30 Farmersville police issued a statement that the primary victim succumbed to his injuries on Sunday at approximately 5 p.m. while receiving treatment in the ICU.

Mundi, who had posted bail on the previous charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon was arrested that Sunday at approximately 7 p.m. in his home in Exeter by officers of the Farmersville, Exeter and Woodlake police departments and taken into custody without incident on a charge of homicide.

Samco Mini-Mart’s statement notes they intend to have a more secure store with full camera security and taping systems.

“By making responsible sales of alcoholic beverages from an attractive new building that is designed to maximize customer service. Samco Mini-Mart will actually enhance public convenience and necessity,” the statement read.

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