Parks & Rec names Tulare County’s 11th park

County Parks & Rec will hold outreach meetings April 24 and 25 to determine uses at Community Park of Goshen


GOSHEN – An 11-acre park in Goshen finally has a name. 

The Tulare County Parks & Recreation Division announced earlier this month that its 11th county park will be named Community Park of Goshen located at Betty Drive and Robinson Road. Now that the community knows what to call it, the county can move onto more important decisions, such as what the park should provide to the community. 

In order to gain input from locals, the Tulare County Parks & Recreation Division will be holding community outreach meetings to discuss a potential grant funding opportunity and obtain input on the future use of the Community Park of Goshen. These meetings will be held at 10 a.m. on April 24 in the Goshen Village II Apartments Community Room, 31114 Road 72 in Visalia and at 5:15 p.m. on April 25 in the Proteus Energy Warehouse, 6983 Avenue 305 in Goshen.

The Tulare County Redevelopment Agency (TCRA) originally constructed the 10.94-acre combination drainage basin and park space in Goshen as part of a railroad crossing grade separation and realignment project.
Following TCRA’s dissolution, property maintenance was assumed by the County Resource Management Agency, and in September 2018, maintenance and operational responsibilities were transferred to County Parks & Recreation. The County is currently considering possibilities for future park use and improvements, and invites the community to participate in this process. Last November, about 20 Goshen residents sat down with Tulare County Parks & Recreation personnel to discuss just how they would like to use the local park. Residents provided a long wish list to county staff including:

  • Revamping the sport’s field to include lighting
  • Widen walkways
  • Add drinking fountains
  • Add trash cans
  • Develop playground with covered area
  • Develop arbor with picnic tables
  • Add benches and bleachers
  • Add exercise stations
  • Add pet stations
  • Build restrooms
  • Add additional lighting

The park currently has partial fencing with a gate, some landscaping, and a sprinkler system that is in need of repair, according to Neil Pilegard, Parks & Recreation manager.

At the forum there was discussion regarding fencing and whether to leave in the gate. Most seemed to want it in and to leave the gate left closed. Parents want that extra minute it takes to open the gate when children are chasing a ball to slow a child down and look before they run out.

Tulare County Parks & Recreation is a division of the Tulare County General Services Agency responsible for the operations, maintenance and recreational activities at eleven County Parks. For more information about County Parks, visit and follow Tulare County Parks & Recreation on Facebook.

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