Se Vale’s Chuponcito to appear in Visalia June 15

Spanish-speaking comedian, Chuponcito, as seen on “Se Vale” to take the stage at  the Visalia Fox


VISALIA – Jose Alberto Flores Jandete “Chuponcito” was born in the year of 1969 to a humble and hard-working family. Since childhood, he was known as a funny kid. Due to his short and chubby appearance, Jose Alberto aka “Beto”, had various nicknames from his friends such as “pool cap,” “dimwit,” and “pacifier.”

When he was seven years old, one of his friends had a birthday coming up and Beto mentioned that if he was invited to the celebration, he would entertain. He took shoes, pants, and a t-shirt that belonged to his dad and he bought water paint at a local stationery store. He got into character to do his first performance as a clown creating a lot of joy at the birthday party. From then on, he continued promoting himself as a clown. With his earnings, he started buying professional make-up and costuming. He took a look at every nickname that his friends had given to him and he decided to go with “Chupon” (meaning pacifier). That is how his career as Chuponcito started forty years ago.

He was always very ambitious, an entrepreneur, and a hard-worker. Today, he sees that his dream of being a famous clown has come true. While he faced many challenges and disappointments along the way, he eventually won a contest to be a cast member on a television show called Se Vale. He remained on the air for three years uninterrupted.

Currently, Chuponcito has his show for adults and is always characterized as a funny, irreverent, tender and very witty clown. He has been touring for a year and a half uninterrupted with his show for adults and has done over 300 shows in Mexico.

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