Visalia Unified holds informational meeting about Calif. Cadet Corps pathway beginning this fall


VISALIA – Serving the military is like any other career, in the sense that the more studies and experience you obtain before graduating from school the further along you can start your career.

Visalia Unified School District understands that many of its graduates choose a career of military service after graduating from high school and want to make sure those students get a head start on obtaining a higher rank. That’s why the district will launch its new California Cadet Corps pathway this fall. Parents with incoming freshman are welcome to attend an informational meeting this week to learn more about the pathway program. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 30, at Mt. Whitney High School, 900 S. Conyer St.

The program will be housed at Mt. Whitney High School and will be under the direction of Commandant Fernando Cervantes, who has retired from the Marine Corps after serving for 20 years. Students who graduate from the new program and pursue the military as their next step can see their career fast-tracked by enlisting as an E-3 rather than an E-1.

“We have been working toward this program for several years, and we’re now ready to launch,” noted Principal Rick Hamilton. “An estimated 100 VUSD graduates per year enlist in the service, and most enlist at the entry, E-1 level.”

Students will learn leadership skills, first aid/CPR, physical fitness and wellness, basic military drill, map and compass reading and will be able to present colors at special events, handle traffic details and experience military competition. All travel and uniforms will be funded through the State of California.

For more information, contact Mt Whitney High School Principal Rick Hamilton, 730-7602, [email protected]

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