Ceramics featured for Art Market at Jon Ginsburg Gallery

The Creative Center artists will be joined by Visalia-based rock band Call Me James on Friday, July 5

By Nancy Vigran
Reporting for The Sun-Gazette

VISALIA – This month the Jon Ginsburg Gallery is offering outside artists a chance to show their wares in the Gallery’s art marketplace. There are at least eight community artists joining a half dozen or so from The Creative Center during Friday’s Art Market at the Gallery on July 5 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Included in the festivities of the evening is Call Me James. The Visalia-based rock trio brings a classic vibe with a modern twist. 

The band’s Chris Ramirez reached out to the Center offering to perform at the Gallery as a way to give back to the local community. The Center jumped at the chance, said Stevi Daniels, art marketing director.

“Music is power, love, and peace,” according to the band’s Facebook page. “Our mission is to connect to you with the vibration that provides these elements.”

The Art Market will “have a wide variety of work from metal to watercolors to sticker,” Daniels said.

Artists from The Creative Center will be featuring mostly ceramics at this time.

Ceramics is the main medium of artist Jerod Costales and his favorite thing to create are coil bowls.

“He’s uses the coil method to create all kinds of wares and dishes,” Daniels said. ”He’ll roll out little ‘snakes’ of clay and stack them on top of each other in a spiral, which becomes whatever container he envisions.”

Recently, Costales has been creating glass-melt bowls by combining the arts of glass and ceramics. His pieces melt into a permanent glossy pool of color at the bottom of the bowl.

“They’re really cool,” Daniels said.

It takes Costales some two to four hours to finish building a piece. After they dry and are fired, each is painted with a glaze and fired a second time in the kiln.

Nicole Garcia is another of the 10 or so Center artists who enjoys utilizing the coil method with ceramics, creating mainly mugs. She enjoys a broad range of mediums including creating jewelry, drawing, and painting.

Dia de los Muertos is a theme Stephanie Simental works with a lot, a she has recently completed a glass bowl about a year in the making, in part because the glass art class only meets once a week. The artist cuts every color shape out of a sheet of glass using a special glass cutting machine and a grinder. Afterward, the artist assembles the pieces like a puzzle onto a glass backing. Simental chose to create a sugar skull.

Work from all three of these artists will be offered at the Market.

There is a $5 cover charge for the Call Me James Art Market event. The Jon Ginsburg Gallery is located on The Creative Center campus at 606 N. Bridge St. in Visalia.

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