DA’s office reunites father with children abducted by wife

Tulare County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations Child Abduction Unit recovers children in Washington state


TULARE COUNTY – Two Tulare County siblings were reunited with their father last month thanks to the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations Child Abduction Unit.

Investigators with the unit were contacted on Sept. 4 after a father made several unsuccessful attempts to reconnect with his children who were in Washington state with their mother, Yuridia Serrano Valdez. According to the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office, the father, whose name was not released, bought bus tickets for Valdez and their two children, ages 2 and 3, to travel to Pasco, Wash. The plan was for him to join them later. However, while he was making plans to meet Valdez and his children in Washington, Valdez changed her mind and told him not to come to Washington, a violation of a court order against her.

On Sept. 11, 2019, investigators with the Child Abduction Unit traveled to Kennewick, Wash., to recover two children taken by Valdez. With the assistance of the Benton County Sheriff’s Department in Kennewick, Wash. and contacting Valdez, the children were located. After explaining the court order to Valdez, she agreed to voluntarily return the children to TCDA Investigators and agreed to cooperate with our investigation. Both children were safely recovered without incident from Valdez.

Investigators returned to Visalia with the two children on Sept. 13 and reunited them with their father. The Child Abduction Unit regularly returns abducted children to their legal guardians. TCDA investigators have recovered abducted children from across the United States and Mexico and as far away as New Zealand.

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